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Cloud & Platform Services
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Cloud & Platform Services

IT Modernization Services

Stallions will help you automate and refine current Infrastructure, update your software to a stable multi-cloud environment, and operate with speed and responsiveness. We apply the new techniques, including continuous management, intelligent automation, DevSecOps, containerization and a hybrid operating model, to provide highly efficient and flexible applications both on site and in the cloud.

Cloud Services

Stallions' Cloud Solutions for Azure, AWS, VMware, Oracle and Google Cloud Platform enable you to focus on strategic priorities while shifting the burden and expense of building and managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Platform Solutions and Container Services

Stallions' Application Technologies for SAP and Container Services provide the basis for a new service-centric architecture that enables cloud-based enterprise technologies. Customized to a specific vertical industry (e.g. retail) or a specific corporate function (e.g. ERP), our cloud-based business solutions deliver fully integrated, automated and self-governing services.

Migration and Modernization Services

Stallions' lets the company leverage the portfolio as an asset, eliminate hurdles and introduce continuous business-driven optimization to get the most benefit from your current and future investments. Service quality an iterative approach to continuous migration, modernization and development of software.

Brokerage and Integration Services

Stallions' Brokerage and Automation Tools help companies simplify and handle workloads through hybrid cloud and conventional IT services. The full-service management approach provides administrators with a clear vision of their IT assets and governance through business management, financial management, operations and analytics.

Hosting and Network Services

Stallions' Infrastructure Hosting and Network Resources help organizations Bypass roadblocks through in-depth IT analyses measured recommendations and careful preparation. We refine IT environments, boost average operating costs and increase the organization’s efficiency and business volume.

Why Us

The Seasoned Professionals And Industry Veterans That Lead Our Teams And Departments. Stallions Solutions Is Driven By The Profound Experience And Business Acumen That These Gifted Individuals Share With Us Every Day. Our Customer-Centric Approach Make Stallions Solutions Your Partner Of Choice. We Believe That One Extra Degree Of Effort Separates Good From Great. We Provide Highly Effective Business Solutions While Ensuring Quality Standards Through Effective Communication And Best Practices.

Industry Expetise

Our staff includes senior consultants, software engineers, project managers, and support technicians, guiding our customers as they navigate through deciding the right software for their business. We will develop software to the highest professional standards using Best Practice and methodologies.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support equipped with state of the art case management system which helps to determine the appropriate resource to handle each support case. Our objective is to do everything in our power to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every service interaction you have with our team.

Versatile Resourcing Model

Highly flexible resourcing model to cater needs keeping your budget in mind without compromising the quality. We provide Onsite, Nearshore and Offshore high performance team on your terms. Handover your IT related work to specialised people like us. Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core values and expertise for getting higher levels of success.