Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

1. Transforming client relationship for the better
2. Make every business flourish with 365 CE
3. Configuring CRM Strategies that work

Microsoft Dynamics CRM unifies all CRM functionalities on a single platform to assist you in developing meaningful customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics for Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, and Field Service, and MS Dynamics for Project Operations are integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) platform. Thanks to this amalgamation, you can create and keep up a comprehensive view of all your customers. By streamlining business procedures and unifying the entire customer journey onto a single platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM increases the efficiency of your company. Let Stallions Solutions be your reference for creating a successful Dynamics 365 engagement plan and establishing positive client relationships.

Understanding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE)

The use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE enhances teamwork among employees and streamlines customer communications.

Analyze your sales data using interactive maps to find key details. Launching multi-phase marketing strategies through various channels will increase customer loyalty. Regarding the customer, Stallions Solutions provides sensitive and appropriate service through various channels.

What to Expect from Dynamics 365 CE?

Being consultants for Dynamics CE, we use technological advancements to support your company's goals and enhance operational efficiency with MS Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. In addition, we provide a full suite of Dynamics CRM services to assist you in creating enduring customer relationships. With the help of our CRM expertise, we connect people, data, and processes to expand the possibilities for your company. Stallions Solutions is one of the market's most in-demand Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Consultants. Contact our Enthusiasts to receive your personalised strategy!

You can decide whether the standalone Dynamics 365 applications or a full-featured Dynamics CRM solution is your best MS Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement plan. Let Stallions Solutions guide you as you embark on your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement journey and forge enduring bonds with your clients.

The Dynamics 365 CE Pricing Model

Users of the Customer Engagement plan can include as many as 2,000 contacts in Dynamics 365 Marketing. Customers who purchase a standalone license for one of the four Dynamics 365 apps will pay £622.89 per user per month, which covers up to 10,000 contacts. Dynamics 365 for Marketing costs £1,245.78 per month as a standalone service. Again, up to 10,000 contacts are covered.

Regardless of how Marketing is licenced, additional contacts can be purchased. Starting at $207.65 per month for 5,000 contacts, there is a sliding scale based on how many contacts you have overall.

The Customer Engagement Plan covers all the CRM and customer engagement side of things.

  • Sale
  • Customer Service
  • Project Service Automation
  • Field Service
  • Customer Service Insights
  • Marketing
  • PowerApps
  • Flow
Team Member


per user/month

Full User


per user/month

Implementing Your Dynamics 365 CE

Stallions Solutions has years of experience helping companies enhance their core operations worldwide. We recognise the need for your business to provide customers with high-quality services while remaining adaptable to the rapidly evolving business processes.

Our ability to deliver high-quality solutions is made possible by our strong expertise as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner. Our main objective at Stallions Solutions is to give you the tools you need to develop, improve, and manage your Microsoft Dynamics 365 proficiency so you can easily manage your business.
Services for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Implementation includes:

With our innovative CRM implementation, you can see results we move forward with your project. The traditional method of seeing the results after implementation differs significantly from this. The Unify method is supported by a collection of exclusive tools that let your business maintain a focus on the customer even as you navigate the details of an implementation.

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