Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is a set of methodological tools and best practises to ensure the successful deployment of the ERP system.

 It was created using Microsoft consultants’ and partners’ extensive experience. It contains tried-and-true methods that help implementation projects be completed more quickly, with higher quality, and for less money.
It is a complete client life cycle outlining the standardised procedures and practises required to implement Dynamics solutions. It is organised as a basic methodology with a product-specific layer for each Dynamics product.

Your Takeaway for Implementing Sure Step Methodology

With Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, you get the following benefits from Microsoft Dynamics partners and the Microsoft Services organization:

Why you Need Sure Step Methodology?

The key to any software solution's success is how it is put into practise and how the process is handled. Microsoft has created Sure Step as the whole life cycle approach for Microsoft Dynamics Solution Portfolio with this as its background. The following list identifies the key attributes of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step:

Comprehensive Methodology

The entire implementation process is covered by Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, from the sales phase with diagnostics, planning, and analysis to design, development, deployment, and operations. An current Microsoft Dynamics implementation can be upgraded or optimised with the help of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step.

Scalability of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step:

  • Implement projects for small businesses, mid-market firms, and corporate customers using the methodology.
  • Set up Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step such that it can support a certain Microsoft Dynamics product and vertical or industry-specific solutions.
  • Set up Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step to accommodate various implementation projects, including Agile, Enterprise, Standard, and Rapid.
  • Set up Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step so that it may accommodate additional project categories, such Upgrade or Optimization Offerings.


Windows Dynamics Sure Step offers a methodical, reliable, and repeatable strategy for putting Microsoft Dynamics solutions into practise. The model has several stages, with each phase being further broken down into cross-phase processes or phases-specific activities. The actions or steps to be taken are included in the processes. The outcomes of actions are typically recorded in a deliverable.


Modular Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step supports a segmental approach to implement projects. This allows us to focus on specific phases, offerings, deliverables, or project management disciplines so that we can best address the specific needs and requirements of the project.

Industry Focused

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step references a compelling set of technologies and solutions to address the your industry-specific requirements. You can get it delivered through a partner providing specialized services, like Stallions Solutions. We provide adaptable business solutions and strong industry capabilities with robust and end-to-end enterprise solutions for organizations in key industries and related vertical segments.

Take Control Over your ERP Implementation With

Enhance Predictability

The consumer can keep track of each phase of the process because there are lots of them. The customer has complete transparency that the implementation is supplied based on the presumptions agreed, as any alterations can be validated by the customer.

Quicker Implementation

In order to improve consistency, timeliness, quality, and project success, the Sure Step model offers tools, templates, and best practises that address every facet of projects.

Reduced Costs

A speedier project completion with little risk and a reduced total cost of ownership is made possible by the structured, transparent approach, where problems are discussed and dealt with effectively (TCO).

Your Takeaway for Implementing Sure Step Methodology

While implementing Sure Step Methodology, we go through several Steps:

1. Analysis

The analysis initiates the implementation of your ERP System. At this stage, we define all required activities and schedules necessary to plan an effective project. We kick it of by collaborating with client’s project teams and work on existing and expected business process models at client’s organisation.

2. Design

In the Design phase, our team projects the process of implementing all requirements. We create test environments for examining the required setup. By the end of designing phase, we compile a document titled solution concept with a functional test worksheet.

3. Industry Focused

During the development phase, we build and test the system components that were approved during the analysis phase. It also includes the setup of custom functionalities, building user interface, and the relocation of test data. By the end, we get fully-configured system, log all modification codes, and integrate application interfaces.

4. Deployment

To deploy Sure Step Methodology, all processes are implemented within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To sustain deployment, our implementation team offer training sessions for the end user. While this, we execute final acceptance test and validate our Go-live Checklist and migrate production version to the system.

5. Operation

This final phase for the sure step methodology is usually followed by a few months of implementation efforts. At this stage, we provide support for your system and transfer its instructions to your team through helpdesk department. Finally, when implementation project is passed through quality audit, we consider the project to be completed.

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