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Stallions Solutions applies machine learning and artificial intelligence in deep technological services to help our clients deliver personalization and customer expediency at scale.

We have experienced Machine Learning software Engineers

Rapid Prototyping

Our research and development (R&D) expertise, artificial intelligence software development for rapid prototyping, and customized Machine Learning solutions enable companies to access untapped market segments, improve efficiency, and produce quantifiable commercial results. By providing AI software solutions and Machine Learning development services, Stallions Solutions aims to satisfy clients and strengthen enterprises.

Data-drive Apps

For better corporate decision-making, Stallions' Machine Learning Developers create intelligent, data-driven business apps using Machine Learning models for data extraction & analysis, picture & pattern recognition, and precision forecasting engines. Before deploying those models across pertinent systems, we transform data from legacy and big data into workable datasets for multi-label classification, regression, clustering, density estimation, and dimensionality reduction investigations.

Auto ML Techniques

By removing the barriers to business Machine Learning adoption using Auto ML techniques, we enable IT teams to take the lead on production Machine Learning initiatives without sacrificing model quality, performance, or interpretability. Stallions Solutions specialises in creating cognitive BI technology frameworks that mimic how people retrieve and store information. These frameworks are used to identify concepts inside processing workflows.

Natural Language Processing

For statistical machine translation, programmatic intent analysis, optical text recognition, precise text processing, and real-world speech pattern analysis, we provide cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) software solutions. At Stallions Solutions, we create specialised Machine Learning automation solutions that assist your company in automating all of its critical business operations. Doing so can make better decisions, ensure security by anticipating potential threats to your company and foster greater operational agility and efficiency.

Why You Should Hire a Machine Learning Engineer?

Replace predictable and repetitive human tasks with machines.

Machine Learning Engineer help you enhance business automation.

Replace human tasks that involve unpredictable factors like variable parameters, external causes, and internal system changes.

Design, train, and deploy ML models using the power of machine learning tech stacks like Tensorflow, Pandas, Scala, Scikit-learn, etc.

We create and deploy financial automation solutions using deep machine learning technology.

Build predictive data models enabling you to make quick decisions and automate redundant processes, eventually cutting your cost.

Our Machine Learning developers help you automate time-consuming/boring activities, eventually enhancing the accuracy of asset valuations, forecasting financial performances, and much more.

Design, train, and deploy ML models using the power of machine learning tech stacks like Tensorflow, Pandas, Scala, Scikit-learn, etc.

Use the entire deep learning software development stack from NVIDIA CUDA-X AI, including Jupyter notebook, Fastau, PyTorch, and MXNet.

Create high-performance GPU-accelerated conversational AI apps.

What do Our Machine Learning Engineers Do?

Our team of Machine Learning engineers specialises in developing and implementing self-contained artificial intelligence (AI) systems that automate the use of prediction models. We design and create AI algorithms to make predictions by machine learning models.

Working with Big Data Science

At Stallions Solutions, the big chunk of our job includes working with a big data science team and communicating with data scientists, administrators, analysts, engineers, and architects.

Interprofessional Collaboration

Depending on your organization's dimensions, we collaborate with people outside teams, such as IT, software development, and sales or web development teams, to provide a truly synchronized system.

Improve Business Architecture

Here at Stallions Solutions, we assess, analyze and organize large amounts of data while executing tests and optimizing machine learning models and algorithms for better business architecture.

Model-building Work

Our Machine Learning engineers act as a connection to the gap between you and your success by focusing on statistical and model-building work and the structure of machine learning and AI systems.

How to Hire a Machine Learning Engineer?

If you need a Machine Learning engineer, we advise you to exercise extreme caution. Look for a team who can be a valuable asset for your business in terms of artificial intelligence development and machine learning.
Our team of skilled Machine Learning engineers possesses strong knowledge of the following languages:





Apache Spark


Apart from the proficiencies in the languages, our team also possesses the following:

At Stallions Solutions, we can provide you with a reliable and expert engineer, whom you can get from Stallions Solutions, and for any other query or information, you can contact us. We are an expert team of excellent developers and engineers in their deliverables and client satisfaction.

Characteristics of a Successful Machine Learning Engineer

We have a team of effective Machine Learning Engineers who are able to quickly sift through massive data sets, spot patterns, and understand how to use that data to draw meaningful and valuable conclusions. We seem to have a sixth feel for data management expertise.

Work with Massive Data Pipelines

At Stallions Solutions, we excel at constructing massive data pipelines while being aware of the power of visualization. Our team uses data visualisation tools, like Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Plotly, and Dash, to guarantee that the insights you've discovered are correctly understood and valued by your business.

Find Actionable Business Solutions

Ability to understand data and derive valuable insights at Stallions Solutions, as it is integral to developing ML algorithms and applications. We decode and unravel the hidden patterns within raw data, analyze it, and interpret it to find actionable business solutions.

Cater to Unique ML Requirements

For us, customer satisfaction is a pivotal aspect. Hence, as a reputed firm for providing Machine Learning solutions, we constantly develop models/applications while keeping in mind the unique needs of our customers or the clientele.

Develop Successful ML Applications

We corporate your business domain inside out to develop successful ML applications and projects that address different business issues. Your business has unique needs and hence, requires a keen sense of knowledge about the business domain, which is essential to develop specific ML applications and projects best suited for your business.

Intuitive and Creative Professional

While there is no shortage of Software Engineerings, there is definitely a shortage of teams driven by curiosity and the will to think our side of the box. At Stallions Solutions, ML Engineers are intuitive and creative professionals. Here, we use our mathematical, statistical, and analytical skills to find solutions to complex real-world problems. Our goal is to develop innovative ways to look at a problem and create numerous solutions and possibilities around it.

What Other Development Services do we Offer?

Stallions Solutions provides a comprehensive business automation solution adapted to your company's requirements by:

Analysing the needs for BI.
Building the BI solution's architecture and conceptualising it.
If necessary, add data science capabilities.
Quality control of BI solutions.
Migration of data, if required.
Developing the components of the BI solution (a data lake, DWH, OLAP cubes, reports, and dashboards).
User education
Establishing data governance (data quality management, data security, and metadata)
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