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Stallions Solutions understands the pain points of content management in the modern industry and has proven global experience in establishing successful SharePoint services with proven SharePoint Consulting Services.

What is Microsoft SharePoint, and what is it used for?

At Stallions Solutions, we consider SharePoint to be an application platform. It can break down storage towers and bring remote workers together through file sharing, collaboration, and social capabilities. It enables businesses to automate operations, track progress, and securely communicate data across departments (or even externally).

SharePoint Uses:

SharePoint is the most comprehensive enterprise platform as an intranet because it connects employees to the tools and resources they use daily. Instead of using a one-time tool for a specific activity and having your data sit in isolation in that tool, your data can flow and feed into reports, metrics, and workflows with SharePoint.

Employees can use a browser or a device to access their intranet to:

Employees can accomplish more in less time because of features such as:

Microsoft SharePoint deprecated features

SharePoint 2016 was primarily concerned with traditional document management. As a result, Microsoft removed some collaboration, social media, and enterprise search services from SharePoint 2019 that are currently included in Office 365. Among these functions are the following:


A data visualisation and discovery tool that combines aspects of social networking and machine learning with the Office 365 suite's search capabilities.

Office Diagram

A back-end feature in the Office 365 Suite that allows users to search across connected applications and uses machine learning for organisational interactions and content use.


A presentation tool included in the Microsoft Office suite.


A work collaboration application that allows employees to collaborate on a working document from anywhere.


For workplace social networking, a private microblogging and collaboration platform.

Why sharepoint development services

Some Notable features of SharePoint include:

ETL, Replication, and Warehousing

Our SharePoint connection solutions offer reliable, secure, and robust data migration, from ETL/ELT tools for replication to drivers and adapters that extend your favourite ETL tools with SharePoint access.

Data Management

It is simple to connect to and manage SharePoint data from a wide range of database management programmes since it supports well-known database protocols like ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET as well as wire-protocol interfaces for SQL Server and MySQL.

Intelligent Document Classification

Our AI engine recognises and automatically categorises your business documents and data using machine learning.

SharePoint Online Adoption

How to roll out SharePoint Online across the organisation, including best practises for training, governance, and adoption.

Data Virtualization

Our drivers provide a virtual database abstraction over SharePoint data and support popular data virtualization features such as query federation via comprehensive query delegation / predicate pushdown capabilities.

SharePoint Workflow

A SharePoint workflow is a little programme that automates manual labour, speculation, and uncertainty in your standard work processes and procedures. SharePoint workflows are designed to save you time and effort by bringing consistency and competency to scheduled tasks.

SharePoint BI

We use SharePoint solutions and BI capabilities to build important reports, scorecards, and KPIs for better corporate decision-making. We even make it possible to create specialised reports and analyses that compile data from many data sources in order to gain insightful information.

Analytics & BI

Our drivers provide the quickest and most straightforward means of integrating BI, analytics, reporting, and data visualisation tools with real-time SharePoint data. They provide unmatched query performance, comprehensive access to SharePoint data and metadata, and seamlessly integrate with your favorite analytics tools.

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Stallions Solutions SharePoint Offerings

On-Premise Services

SharePoint on-premises environments are supported by us. The Connector is typically hosted in your environment or data centre as well. We now enable setup scenarios based on Azure.

Cloud Services

We assist in integrating D365 and SharePoint online. We also provide an Azure based version if you prefer not to handle the connector on your own. For further information, kindly visit our Cloud Connector Website.

SharePoint Developments

Our connector has a lot of offerings already integrated and is fully customisable so that you won't need any customer specific developments for most use cases. If you have a special use case which is not supported by our standard, we also offer user-specific integrations and developments.


We offer consulting services for best integration results and connect your Microsoft system to SharePoint and vice versa. Our technical consultants can check your requirements and help you to manage your project to ensure end-to-end integration is available in time and budget.

Support for Business Documents

We assist you in obtaining all data and specifics depending on your Business Object. This enables you to locate documents in SharePoint using data from vendors, customers, or Dynamics 365 numbers, among other sources.

Metadata Support

The metadata can be customized within Microsoft using a graphical interface to drag & drop the customising relations. No developments are required to define the meta data which will be send to SharePoint. You can update the meta data in Realtime, you can schedule a job in several Microsoft applications or you can manage the update in own responsibility.

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