Case Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

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Marketing Department

Case management with customers is essential to the success of any business, and customer service plays a crucial role in this process. The quality of the service you provide to your customer has a significant impact on how they view you. Learning what constitutes effective customer service and what customers expect is crucial to the success of any business.

Case Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Once you have a firm grasp on what it is that your clients anticipate from you, you can better devise a plan to meet their needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Support has a lot of tools that can help businesses manage how they serve their clients.

Situation Analysis in Customer Service

Let’s go over some actual client instances to help you better grasp the backdrop of customer service.

Resolving problems with the service or the product

One of the shop’s customers brought in their mountain bike because the suspension wasn’t operating properly. They call up the business in question to explain their predicament and request assistance with their bike. Afterward, the problem is created and sent to the Mountain Bike Support Ready queue.

The store’s mountain bike support specialist, Rob, gets the problem report through Dynamics 365 Client Service. When he has finished talking to the client, he sets up a service appointment to fix or replace the broken suspension.

Receiving and Answering the Customer Queries

A consumer has recently made a purchase from a furniture retailer’s online store for a new table. The customer is attempting to put together the table after it has arrived, but they are unsure if they are doing it right.

The customer calls the furniture factory for answers and support regarding the dining set. The inquiries from clients are received by Sidney, a customer service representative. Sidney looks up a similar FAQ document in the company’s knowledge base in Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service. Then, Sidney consults that paper to respond to Jim’s inquiries.

Collecting and applying customer feedback:

Maria, who manages the chairs and tables product line at the furniture company, is interested in gathering consumer feedback about the company’s at-home assembly procedure through support tickets. Maria uses Dynamics 365 Customer Service’s case management features to record this comment.

Maria is able to determine which kinds of tables and chairs are the most difficult to put together in the comfort of one’s own home by reviewing case data. Maria can also priorities which home assembly instructions for tables and chairs need to be edited and reviewed.

Proactive supports

A customer who just invested in a home tracking system from a local security firm may now count on the company’s proactive help. A variety of sensors, such as those for fire, moisture, and intrusion, were included in the system alongside the surveillance cameras.

One of the basement moisture detectors for a customer goes off at night. An alarm is triggered, which opens a case in Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service and immediately assigns a higher priority to it.

Jennifer, a specialist in home security, gets the report and calls the client to investigate. The client reports water seepage into the basement. They’re able to determine that the customer’s sump pump is malfunctioning.

The client simply disconnects the old pumps and reconnects the new ones because they have a spare. Basement flood waters recede before any significant damage occurs.

Understanding Today’s customers

Customers nowadays are better informed than they have ever been thanks to the wealth of resources at their disposal. They are accustomed to having their needs met immediately and in the manner of their choosing.

Think about how you usually go about purchasing a television: you check online first to learn about the latest features and technologies, customer reviews, and preferred brands.

Before visiting the website of the company where you intend to make the purchase, you will likely check over user reviews and decide which TV you believe is the finest. There is a feature on the site that allows you to compare various televisions side by side.

Use the chat feature to talk to a human being in case you need assistance. If you’re still on the fence, a trip to their physical shop and a chat with a sales associate might be in order. You have a good idea of what you want, and you can now see it on the screen and even play with it. The method is transferable from one set of circumstances to another.

Customers prefer to make decisions about their interactions. More and more consumers would rather be left alone as they complete a task. They value the reassurance of having someone there if they have questions or concerns, but they also want the freedom to set the pace of interaction and interact with real people as they see fit.

Factors Shaping the Future of Customer Service.

Numerous current developments have an impact on modern customer service. It’s crucial for you, as a service provider, to be aware of these developments and to plan accordingly so that you may use them to your advantage and provide a better experience for your customers.

The following current trends are having an impact on service:

Mobile devices

Due to the widespread availability of smartphones and other mobile devices, customers are increasingly turning to other channels than traditional phone calls and email to communicate with a company’s customer service department. They hope for a mobile platform that will allow them to get information and perhaps talk with an agent directly from their phones.

Social media

Online social networks: users typically aren’t reticent to voice their opinions and perspectives. You need to be able to utilise this system to the fullest extent possible so that any and all client concerns or complaints are dealt with in the same manner as if the consumer had contacted assistance directly.


It’s important to note that the term “self-service” has multiple meanings:

Providing a knowledge base and understanding wherein clients can look up solutions to straightforward procedural queries is a good example of how easily this can be accomplished.
Allowing clients to control their own accounts is one method.

One strategy is to give clients a way to talk to other people in the same situation.

Internet of Things

Since more and more gadgets are now able to connect to the web and exchange data with one another, it’s crucial to make use of the technology embedded in these gadgets while making service calls.

Here are some examples of how to accomplish this:

  • Identifying and analyzing irregularities
  • Utilizing past data for future repairs
  • Gathering information for the purpose of guiding future service provision

Customer engagement

Engaging with a consumer base entails more than just asking for feedback. Acquiring this knowledge can involve having access to the following information:

  • Where does one find the ideal moment to act?
  • How should we communicate?
  • What data should you be gathering?

If you are interested in exploring Case Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customers for your business contact Stallions Solutions today.

Banking is one industry that will undoubtedly benefit from these features. Banks have “customer support” where they must perform all of the tasks outlined in this post. Stallions Solutions works with several financial services organizations across the globe.

Our CRM for Banking, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, provides bank staff with the tools and information they need to provide high-quality, personalized service across all interactions and channels. It provides managers and team members with the information they require to be effective. For more information on built-in CRMs contact us.

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